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Chinese police apologizes for arresting blogger

Beijing, Apr. 18 (ANI): A Chinese police officer has publicly apologized for arresting a blogger, who wrote against a local party for illegally acquisitioning farmland.

“I would like to apologize to Wang and his family as I am partly responsible for the incident. There was not enough evidence to arrest Wang Shuai on defamation charges,” the China daily quoted Qin Yuhai, Director of Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau, as saying.

The 24-year-old Shanghai resident had accused the city government of Lingbao, his hometown in Henan province, of illegally acquiring farmland.

Wang said he had reported the city government’s misuse of farmland for developing an industrial zone, to the local Land Administration Bureau. Wang received no response from the authority even after six months, and so had decided to express his views on his blog.

The Lingbao police traveled to Shanghai and arrested Wang on March 6. He was detained for eight days on charges of defamation, but was later released on bail.

“One can only be charged for defamation when the accusation is completely made-up and is intended to harm the public. Wang’s action doesn’t match any of the criteria,” Qin said.

Later the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Lingbao issued a press release saying that the department will send someone to apologize to Wang personally.

Wang will be compensated as per the State Compensation Law, the release stated.

“The personnel responsible for his detention will be punished. We recognize that the Internet is the ‘new channel’ for public opinion,” Quin said. (ANI)

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