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China’s North Korean tightrope walk

Washington, May 28 (ANI): China, which has been leading the effort o restart six party talks with Russia, US, Japan, South and North Korea – is walking a tightrope after Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said China is “resolutely opposed” to the North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

But North Korea has now walked away from the talks and China is having a hard time finding an answer to this latest sabre rattling, CBS News reports.

Beijing is trapped by its own insistence usually directed at the United States that one country has no right to interfere in the affairs of another. That keeps China from open criticism of the North that might look like interference.

And geography is also politics – China and North Korea share a border where goods pass back and forth, mostly Chinese goods into North Korea.

But if there is upheaval in North Korea, the flow will come the other way with tens of thousands of hungry, desperate refugees from the North seeking sanctuary in China, CBS News reports. (ANI)

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