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China’s first-ever sex-theme park torn down before opening

New Delhi, May 18 (ANI): China’s first-ever sexually explicit theme park proved to be ‘too hot’ for local authorities, and was torn down over the weekend.

Love Land, which was slated to open in October in the southwestern city of Chongqing, features naked human sculptures, giant replicas of genitals and an exhibition about the history of sex and sexual practices in other countries.

Sex technique workshops and advice on anti-Aids measures were also planned for the theme park.

However, the sexual nature of the park made it unpopular with locals and over the weekend Chongqing government officials ordered the semi-constructed theme park to be torn down.

Academics are not surprised at the park’s fall, reports the China Daily.

“Sex is a matter of privacy. It is not for publicity,” Professor Xia Xueluan, a sociology expert at Peking University, said. (ANI)

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