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China concerned over rising US ‘influence’ in Pakistan

Islamabad, May 8 (ANI):  China has expressed concern over the rising US ‘influence’ in the region, including Pakistan.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Lou Zhaohui, while raising concerns over the presence of US troops in the region, said the number of foreign forces was ‘too high’ across the region.

“These are issues of serious concern for China. China is concerned over the US policies and the presence of a large number of foreign troops in the region,” the Dawn quoted Zhaohui, as saying.

Zhaohui also said that the expanding terror threat is a matter of prime concern for his country, and added that Beijing is lending all support to the United States and Pakistan to tackle the issue.

“We are cooperating with the US and Pakistan in the fight against terror,” he said.

Zhaohui added that China is also concerned about the safety of  its over 10,000 citizens in Pakistan, and is closely monitoring the situation.

“Counter-terrorism pact is needed with Pakistan and we are in close liaison with the interior ministry for the security of over 10,000 Chinese engineers and technical experts in Pakistan,” he said. (ANI)

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