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Child’s ghostly image caught on new spirit-catching camera

London, May 13 (ANI): British spook hunter Paul Rowland has revealed that he might have invented a device by which he can capture spirits on camera, especially after he captured the ghostly image of a child with it.

The instrument works by using ultraviolet and infrared lights to enhance images other cameras miss, and the chilling discovery was made while taking a picture with the camera at the Welsh mansion he was working in.

“You can see a child-like figure and what appears to be an arm reaching out towards me,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“I was standing with my back against the window ledge, just a metre away.

“This picture is my prized-possession,” he said.

The eerie shape was spotted at the haunted Plas Teg mansion, which is popular with paranormal groups, and 49-year-old Rowland said that he developed the gadget after watching TV shows like Most Haunted.

“I used to shout at the screen ‘why don’t you use this, or that’,” he said.

“But when I researched I found the technologies simply didn’t exist – so I started inventing them.

“The equipment I build is specifically for the purpose of paranormal investigations, unlike the borrowed technology used by other investigators.

“My belief is it will take new technology to reveal new evidence,” he added.

Rowland’s ghost-cam device is yet to get a proper name.

“The idea came about because I wanted to be able to carry technology around in one unit,” he said.

“I use blue and ultraviolet lights to enhance our capability in the dark.

“It also has a digital stills camera and camcorder – both of which can see in ultraviolet light.

“And there’s a live EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) system hooked up to it.

“With all great respect to mediums, nobody else can hear what’s going on.

“But I believe my devices can – through feedback – let people hold yes/no conversations with the dead.

“It’s almost as if the machine senses an energy build-up in the room and records it,” he added.

Rowland will be leading an investigation called The Paradox Experience in Scotland running until May 17. (ANI)

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