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Caroline Flack and Prince Harry an unlikely match?

London, Jun 11 (ANI): Brit television presenter Caroline Flack’s rumoured hook up with Prince Harry is said to have surprised most of her friends, especially since they thought she was already taken.

Flack, 28, who co-hosts Sky One’s Gladiators with former footballer Ian Wright, is rumoured to have been dating 24-year-old Harry since meeting him at a party in April.

David McIntosh, a 22-year-old Royal Marines Commando who performs under the Gladiator name Tornado, has insisted that he was under the impression that she was not been available, and finds the pair an unlikely match.

“Well, well, well… I didn’t know the Prince was dating Caroline Flack!” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

“I’m sure she has a boyfriend – at least that’s what she told the male Gladiators! She’s a cool chick, though I wouldn’t have put her and Prince Harry together in a million years.

“She’s also a very pretty lady but I’m not sure if I’d say I fancied her -I’m very picky when it comes to women. OK, that’s a lie, I’m not. If she wanted a real soldier she should have hooked up with me, a Marine!” he added.

Harry and Flack had been introduced by mutual friend and television presenter Natalie Pinkham, 30, who had been romantically linked to the Prince herself. (ANI)

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