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Canada’s Governor-General savours raw seal

Ottawa (Canada), May 27 (ANI):  Canada’s Governor General Michaëlle Jean gobbled a piece of raw seal meat this week.

The event took place in the Rankin Inlet in Nunavut, where Jean indulged in the traditional feast, reports the Globe and Mail.

A reporter said the governor general wiped “the blood of a freshly slaughtered seal off her crimson-spattered fingertips”.

Jean, a former journalist, was not afraid to wade into controversial waters when it came to defending aboriginal traditions.

After using a traditional ulu blade to gut the furry animal at a community festival on Monday, she decried those who, like Sir Paul McCartney, have labelled the seal hunt inhumane.

The Governor-General was apparently inspired by a visit earlier Monday to the Ulujuk High School in Rankin Inlet, where she met with young students and asked: “What do you want people in the south to know about you?”

One student responded: “The seal is our life, the seal is our way of life.” (ANI)

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