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Butchers happiest among Oz workers, and have most sex

Melbourne, Jul 13 (ANI): In a recent survey carried out on Australian workers, it was discovered that butchers are the happiest employees in the workforce and that they are the ones who have the most sex.

The poll, carried out on consumers by Galaxy, rated the perceived happiness and job satisfaction of a range of professionals, and butchers were ranked as the most friendly and contented lot, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Around 30 percent of consumers perceived butchers to be happy with their jobs, a figure confirmed by 76 per cent of butchers surveyed.

They reported feeling healthier, laughing more at work, and having more sex than other workers interviewed.

Butchers are having 60 percent more sex than other workers, and more than half the 295 butchers surveyed had no sick leave last year and 60 percent described their work as fun.

Service station attendants, bank tellers and sandwich hands featured at the lower end of the survey, with less than 10 percent of consumers perceiving them as happy at work.

Of the rest of the professionals surveyed, just 25 per cent said that they laughed and had fun at work.

With most butchers reporting three to four serves of red meat each week, industry insiders say diet could hold the clue to their health, happiness and virility. (ANI)

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