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Business community in Nagaland condemns killing of a businessman

Kohima, May 2 (ANI): Business establishments in Kohima recently remained closed in protest against the killing of a businessman here.

Pradip Prasad, owner of Variety Shop at Super Market in Kohima was recently abducted for ransom. He body was found in the wee hours at Merima village, five kilometers from Kohima.

The incident has created scare amongst members of the business community in the state.

Following the killing, the Kohima Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) called for a closure of all business establishments in the state.

 “We have undergone enough trauma and insecurity and on top of this we cannot request our traders and business community to risk their life and open their shop. Yet, we are also fully aware that the public depends on the business community for their survival and livelihood,” said Vilanuo Yhome, KCCI member in Kohima.

The business community in the state is protesting against rampant extortion demands by underground outfits.

The KCCI submitted a memorandum to the District Collector of Kohima to apprehend and punish the culprits at the earliest. It also appealed to ensure safety of the business community.

“As far as the probable identity of the miscreants who have eliminated Pradip, we are keeping all our options open and that we do have leads.. We have identified some of them, and we will be picking and interrogating them but at the moment I feel that the entire process might be jeopardized if we leaked out the leads that we have,” said Renchamo Kiko, Superintendent of Police in Kohima.

A silent procession was also taken to express solidarity with the deceased.

Several organizations have condemned the kidnapping, demand for ransom, and the murder of the businessman (ANI)

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