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Buckingham Palace officials livid over Sarkozy’s D-Day snub to Queen

London, May 27 (ANI): Buckingham Palace officials are very angry with French President Nicolas Sarkozy because he has not invited the Queen as a guest at next week’s D-Day 65th anniversary.

Organisers have revealed that the French President is focused on the “main event” of hosting his US counterpart Barack Obama.

French officials have admitted that they never had any plans to invite the monarch.

Their admission has “outraged” royal aides, who say that the Queen was keen to attend.

Palace officials say that snubbing the Queen was a “major insult” to the 17,566 British and 5,316 Canadian soldiers buried in Normandy.

“These thousands of Brits and Canadians died to free France but now it appears the French can’t even be bothered to invite the one person who represents them,” the Sun quoted one royal aide as saying.

PM Gordon Brown will attend events on June 6. (ANI)

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