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British troops tortured, killed Iraqi captives

London, Apr 23 (ANI): British troops tortured, killed and then mutilated 20 Iraqi captives held after a gun battle, the High Court was told.

They also mistreated seven other Iraqis who survived their ordeal. Although all seven were released, their lawyer Rabinder Singh said the following day 20 civilians were returned dead to their families, including a teenage schoolboy.

They say there is medical evidence to support the torture allegations.

Ministry of Defence lawyers argue that the 20 who died were killed during the fighting in Majar-al-Kabir in 2004 and an independent investigation has already been held by the Royal Military Police.

It said the bodies of those that died were transported to Camp Abu Naji for identification before being returned to their families the following day, The Telegraph reported.

But Singh said he could now prove that some or all of the men were alive when taken into custody and that evidence should form the basis of an independent enquiry.

He said they were “punched, threatened with violence, thrown violently against the wall, hit by guards if they fell asleep, denied water and subjected to other forms of mistreatment and threats” such as being forced to strip naked.

The court heard a 10 month investigation by the Royal Military Police found no evidence to support the allegation.

Lawyers for the Ministry of Defence maintain that there is no credible evidence justifying an investigation. (ANI)

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