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Britain ready to release, deport Pak student as charges of security threat withdrawn

London, May 30 (ANI):  The British authorities have agreed to release and deport Pakistan student, Tariq-ur-Rehman, who was arrested in the terror raids carried out on May 8.

The Nation reports that Rehman is being released after British Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, agreed to withdraw the charges of threat to the national security labeled against him.

Smith’s counsel, in a letter to Rehman’s lawyer, said that if Rehman leaves Britain voluntarily, the Deportation Order will not be made against him.

It added that once Rehman leaves the United Kingdom, the Notice of Intention to Deport will be formally withdrawn.

However, the British Home Secretary could not give any assurance that Rehman will not be harmed or ill-treated by Pakistan authorities.

“It would be open to Tariq-ur-Rehman to seek permission to bring a fresh appeal out-of-time against the decision to refuse leave to enter once he had left the United Kingdom. However, it would be for the appellate body to decide whether or not to accept such an appeal,” the British Foreign Secretary said. (ANI)

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