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Brit teens know the cost of an iPod, but not of bread

London, May 28 (ANI): Brit teenagers are more conversant about the cost of an iPod, but are completely ignorant when it comes to the price of a loaf of bread according to a survey.

On average the youngsters estimated the cost of an iPod Nano was 105 pounds, only 5 pounds less than its usual retail sale.

However, in their opinion, the average cost of bread was 4.31 pounds.

While one respondent said that the price of bread was 200 pounds, another said a penny.

Bread usually costs between 80p and 1.50 pounds, reports the Telegraph.
The Young Enterprise poll of 1,000 12- to 19-year olds found that the most of the teenagers were uneducated in the general cost of living.

They thought that half a dozen eggs would cost around 2.41 pounds, while a basic box usually costs around 1.50 pounds.

And the average cost of a house, in their opinion was believed to be 1.2 million pounds, but the latest government figures put the current average cost at 187,193 pounds.

The poll found that girls are the least confident, with two thirds saying they are not prepared to manage their finances, compared to half of boys.

Young Enterprise, an education charity, has developed the Personal Economic Programme to help young people understand finances and the economy. (ANI)

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