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Brit novice wins world peashooting championship

London, July 11 (ANI): A 34-year-old British novice piped experienced Americans and Aussies to become world peashooting champion.

Jim Collins, who entered the competition just for fun, beat experienced participants from as far away as Australia, the US, and New Zealand.

“It was definitely beginner’s luck. I was very surprised to win, but extremely happy,” the Sun quoted Collins, of Hadenham, Cambs, as saying.

The contest has been held on the village green at nearby Witcham since 1971, with competitors puffing peas from 12ft at a 12in target.

“We get people who use laser-guided peashooters as well as lots who have never tried it,” said organiser Steven Ball.

The “peas” are actually dried maple seeds because their smooth, regular shape helps them fly. (ANI)

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