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Brit minister accuses Brown of using women ministers as ‘female window dressings’

London, Jun.6 (ANI): Caroline Flint, who resigned as Britain’s Europe Minister, has accused Prime Minister Gordon Brown of using his women ministers as mere ‘female window dressings.’

“Several of the women attending Cabinet, myself included, have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing,” Flint wrote in her resignation letter.

“I am not willing to attend Cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer,” The Daily Express quoted Flint, as saying.

Some Senators believe that Flint’s attack is a wake-up call for Brown, who denied her a promotion despite declaring full loyalty to him in the face of a coup just 24 hours ago.

However, some of the senior Labour female Members of Parliament also supported Flint’s accusationss saying  Brown has betrayed   Labour’s pledge to break the ‘glass ceiling’ of sexism.

Sources said Flint expected a promotion to the post of Health Secretary which was   vacated after Alan Johnson was moved to the Treasury.

Flint is the sixth minister of the Brown cabinet to have walked out of the government after Jackie Smith,Geoff Hoon, John Hutton, Margaret Beckett, and Tony McNulty. (ANI)

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