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Brit girl, 12, gives birth to baby boy

London, Apr 25 (ANI): A 12-year-old British girl gave birth to a baby boy on April 24.

The minor mum got pregnant after a one-night stand with an older lad, who is not her boyfriend.

The white girl belongs to a broken home and lives in a deprived part of the South West.
The young mum was not even aware that she was expecting, and was taken to hospital suffering stomach pains and feeling “under the weather”.

“It was a shock. She had been feeling unwell for a while, fainting. We took her to hospital for tests, and she gave birth,” The Sun quoted a family friend as saying.

She added: “The staff hadn’t even noticed she was pregnant. We were all furious at the nurses for failing to spot it.

“Luckily she is doing well, and so is the baby boy. We do know the father of the baby, and his family. They can’t help what their son did and we don’t blame his parents. I don’t think they’re a couple now, it was just a one off thing.

“It’s something they’re going to have to live with. Social Services will help, but they also need money too.”

According to family groups, the incident was another sign of Broken Britain. (ANI)

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