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Brit female cop forced to quit for ‘being too sexy’!

London, July 16 (ANI): A British female prisonofficer has claimed that she was forced to quit her job for being ‘too sexy.’

Amitjo Kajla told a tribunal, in Birmingham, that her colleagues at Brinsford Young Offenders Institution insulted her for turning up for work in heavy make-up and in an altered uniform that was criticised as too revealing.

Kajla said that she had no option but to quit after she was bullied because of her attractive appearance, reprimanded for being friendly with inmates, and mocked for carrying a handbag.

She claimed public remarks made about her left her feeling “harassed and humiliated”.

Kajla is now seeking compensation from the Prison Service, claiming she was forced to resign.

Senior prison officer Lee Hastings told the tribunal that Kajla often sat with groups of lags on her own and locked cell doors by herself, which showed a ‘lack of personal safety’.

“It isn’t part of a prison officer’s role to socialise with inmates,” the Sun quoted Hastings as saying.

However, Kajla’s solicitor Stephen Roberts accused Hastings of bullying her.

He said: “You treated her less favourably because she was young and pretty.”

Hastings said: “I deny that.”

Adam Farrer, for the Prison Service, said being “glammed up” was inappropriate.

And Kajla was seen as a “soft touch” by lags, many of whom knew her address. (ANI)

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