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Bollywood emerges as a potential market for animation industry in India

Mumbai, May 22 (ANI): The burgeoning animation industry in India has found a potential market in the form of Bollywood as more and more movies have started using visual effects.

In early 90’s there were hardly any Bollywood movies using animation. But today animation is widely used in Indian movies.

“As more and more people realize the cost benefits of using animation in their films and more and more consumers start appreciating and liking the animation as a media then this (animation) will really catch on. I am very optimistic about animation in Bollywood coming together,” said Anuj Kacker, global retail head, Aptech India Ltd.

Bollywood director Mohit Suri said that animation has provided producers a virtual way to create scenes that are impossible in reality. Suri’s production company is using animation for creating flood scenes in one of their forthcoming movie.

“Animation is something to look for. There are lot of things possible with it. Sky is the limit. When we talk about things like set extension, creating disasters and there is another film of our company called ‘Tum Miley’ in which they are recreating the 26 July floods and to recreate something like this would be impossible in today’s day and age without animation. So, I think that’s something that someone should use effectively to control costs, to improve production value, to add more benefits,” he added.

Some of the popular Bollywood animation movies include Ghatotkach, Hanuman, Hanuman returns, Bal Ganesha and Roadside Romeo. (ANI)

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