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Bollywood Actress Mugdha Godse does the juggling act

Actress Mugdha Godse is not only shuttling between cities but is also juggling genres for her upcoming films – Jail is a gritty dramatic affair, while All The Best is a full-on laugh riot with an ample dose of gloss thrown in. And the youngster says she is enjoying the best of both worlds.

“What more could someone like me want who is only one film old and finding her feet in Bollywood?” said Mugdha, who had made heads turn with her spirited act in Fashion last year.

She is currently moving between Mumbai and Goa. While a part of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail, which also stars Neil Nitin Mukesh, is being shot in Mumbai, Rohit Shetty is filming All The Best in Goa.

So how does she manage shifting genres as she hops from one set to another?

“I’m still trying to adjust to that. One day I’m dancing and joining the celebrations with a large number of co-stars in All The Best. Then on the very next day I have to be all sombre and serious for Jail. It’s tough to change moods, but I try to do as much homework as possible before I report on the sets,” Mugdha said.

The young actress has almost recovered from the neck injury that she suffered a few weeks ago in a road accident. But she is trying to play safe in order to prevent her injury from being aggravated.

“Though in Jail there is not much physical stress, All The Best is a full on dhamaal affair which requires you to be a lot more active physically. Since it’s a comedy with lots of music and dance, I’m literally required to be on my toes all the time. With my current neck situation, I have to be extra careful,” she said.

All The Best also stars Sanjay Dutt and Fardeen Khan. Apart from these two films, the actress hasn’t signed any more movies yet.

“Well, there are good movies in the pipeline but let me talk about them at the right time. Currently it is Jail and All The Best for me and the two movies are ensuring that I don’t get any breather whatsoever. Am I complaining? Certainly not,” Mugdha quipped.

Both the films are slated to release around the same time. While All The Best will hit screens October 16, Jail is likely to arrive in either September or October.

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