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Bollywood actors gather for a hair salon launch in Mumbai

Mumbai, May 30 (ANI): Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and, Salman Khan gather at the launch of a salon cum fitness centre in Mumbai on Friday.

Hakim Aalim, the renowned hairstylist of Bollywood launches yet another hair and fitness lounge at a Mall after his successful hair, spa and tattoo lounges in Bangalore and Mumbai.

“I think he is the greatest stylist not just in India but in the world. Nobody does my hair like this and I think a lot of actors feel that way. The most special thing about him is how he always makes time for us. Wherever we are be it at home or on locations whether in India or even outside India, he always makes time and he comes. I don’t know how he manages his schedule but he keeps all of us happy. So we come for him and we want him to be successful because he is the best,” said Saif Ali Khan.

All the guests were personally escorted by Aalim who took them through the entire salon.

“People have grown conscious about their looks nowadays. Earlier they just indulged into sports to stay healthy but now they look after themselves from head to toe. Hair is one thing that can be changed everyday. If you go to a good hairstylist, you can get a new look everyday,” said Hakim Aalim. (ANI)

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