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Blondes more likely to ruin first date than brunettes

London, May 29 (ANI): They are known for having the most fun – but when it comes to first dates, blondes are more likely to have their romantic hopes crushed than their dark-haired friends, a poll has found.

According to the study of 1,300 people, by Internet dating firm, flaxen-haired hopefuls are a quarter more likely to have their dreams of true love shattered within hours of meeting a new man than a brunette or redhead.

Apparently, blondes are the most likely of anyone to have tried to seduce a first date with recollections about an ex, seen their judgement impaired by drinking too much, and bed their date at the end of the night, reports The Telegraph.

Penny Conway, from the online dating firm, said: “Although it’s unlikely a person will behave differently simply because of their hair colour, they may act out of character if they are being treated badly, or according to a stereotype.

“In films blondes are often assumed as being clueless or as having more fun.

“How we are treated by other people can influence how we behave, so this may explain why blondes are more likely to behave badly compared to brunettes or red heads, or go home with their dates on the first night.”

From the study, the company found that misguided ideas of alluring behaviour – including turning up late, running away from a partner – was responsible for dampening any first flames of passion. (ANI)

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