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Black Friday Sales 2009: All deals are available from right now

The entire scenario for shopping this holiday season is changing with new developments. On a Black Friday sale, people would stand in the freezing cold and queue up outside the stores at 4am in the morning to grab the door buster deals. But now things are changing.

In a new development, the deals will be available from right now throughout the remainder of the holiday season online.

You can monitor the best deals out there on any number of Web sites dedicated to Black Friday deals. Check out, and

Buying extended warranties during this time of the year would be a sales pitch found everywhere. But Flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs fail at only a 3 percent rate during the first three years of ownership, according to Consumer Reports. So think before you shed in extra money to buy a warranty.

Yet there is a free way to extend a manufacturer’s warranty. Many credit card issuers will double the warranty up to one additional year if you use their card to make the purchase.

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