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Bill Clinton believes US foreign policy is doing well under Obama

Virginia (US), May 14 (ANI): Former US President Bill Clinton believes American foreign policy is being managed well by the Obama administration, and does not give much value to criticisms of it by former Vice –President Dick Cheney.

At a campaign event for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, Clinton said he disagreed with Cheney’s assertion that Obama’s foreign policies have made the nation less safe.

“I like this new approach. I think it will serve us well,” he said, referring to the administration’s diplomatic outreach to countries that were isolated by Bush officials.

In a round of media appearances, Cheney has criticized the Obama administration on a number of issues, including releasing memos detailing Bush-era enhanced interrogation techniques.

Asked whether he was surprised by Cheney’s criticisms, Clinton said: “He feels very strongly about it. I think that the president and secretary of state will prove to have better aim in foreign policy.” (ANI)

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