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Big B impressed with female tennis players

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s blog is a many splendored thing. From poetry to philosophy to politics and now even sports.

Big B’s latest post comes from England, where he recently attended some of the matches of the Wimbledon Cup. The tennis aside, Big B noticed the disparities in the attention and money given to female sportstars compared to their male counterparts, even though, as he says, ‘the ladies are generally better than the men…’

Big B wrote on his blog, “The ladies singles and some doubles and mixed doubles were the attraction for the day. Strange though that the attendance to these events seem to fade a bit once the ladies come on. That is not fair. They are all champions and the very best in the world; some of them putting in performances better than the men. Which is not such an unusual phenomena. The ladies are generally better than the men.”

He continued his jottings on the disbalance in this affair with, “The size and the style of their eventual trophies also vary according to the nature of the event. The large silver golden cup for the men the semi gold silver tray for the ladies. A disparity here as well, apart from the difference that their prize money entails.”

As always, Big B has some scathing words for those who ‘make politically correct noises’, he says, “But for those that scream and shout on the imbalance, that propagate equality for political gain, would they ever wish to take up this issue at all.. I would imagine not. Because politically it may not suit them.”

He signs off with a comment and some food for thought, “One has to wonder then, whether it is the love of the game, or the love of the money behind the love of the game, that attracts. Not an unreasonable argument. So if the money is an attraction for the budding talent, what is wrong in giving equal opportunity to the women of the game and procure incentive for them as well.. And while we are talking equal and incentive, it may be wise to consider at this moment why there is disparity in the reward for their game..”

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