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Berlusconi’s allies blame his wife for breaking their marriage

London, June 1 (ANI): Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s allies have blamed his wife Veronica Lario for breaking their marriage.

In an interview to pro-Berlusconi Libero, Daniele Santanche, a centre-right MP and long-time friend of Berlusconi, has revealed that Lario is close to a member of her security detail.

“The Prime Minister has not ruined any family but instead it’s Veronica Lario who for some time has had a partner,” the Telegraph quoted Santanche as saying.

The revelation came after Berlusconi, 72, succeeded in a legal attempt to have 700 photographs seized by the country’s privacy commission.

They are believed to be showing young women guests at a New Year’s Eve party at his villa in Sardinia, including Noemi Letizia, the girl at the heart of the premier’s divorce row. (ANI)

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