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Band member denies having sex with director of famed US marching band

New York, May 6 (ANI): The young woman, whose alleged affair with the band leader of the famed Brooklyn Steppers caused him to be booted, has denied having sex with him.

The head of the famed Brooklyn Steppers marching band — a group whose high-profile gigs peaked this year with a spot in President Barack Obama’s inauguration, has been bounced for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old band member.

Although 31-year-old Tyrone Brown admitted to school investigators that his relationship with the girl was inappropriate, he denied rumours that things had turned sexual during a band trip to Bermuda last year.

“I never had sexual relations with him. I am not a victim. I am angry that this got him fired,” said the band member, now 18.

The Steppers were the only New York marching band invited to Obama’s January 2009 Inauguration Day parade and had the honour of leading the festivities, the Daily News reported.

“I feel sorry for Ty. He really tried to help me. My father wasn’t around, and people on the outside don’t understand. I am in shock. It hurts,” the band member said.

An official report detailed many times that the two were seen being unusually friendly, including swapping 3,000 text messages in a single month and taking adjoining hotel rooms on the Bermuda trip.

Other students said they were inseparable.

Brown, who led the Brooklyn Steppers to national fame over the last decade, is known as a mentor to troubled kids, whom he would help with everything from paying the rent to getting a hairdo before a performance. (ANI)

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