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Bachchans more important than Kareena Kapoor at IIFA

Kareena Kapoor may have been declared more powerful than Aishwarya Rai by Filmfare, but as far as IIFA is concerned, the Bachchans are still supreme.

Kareena learned this the hard way. Reports claim that Kareena was supposed to perform the song Marjani from Billu at the IIFA 2009 ceremony, but now, not only is she not performing, but she has refused to attend the event all together.

Kareena, it is reported, wanted the IIFA event to open and close with her performances, but the organisers weren’t ready to let her occupy both their key spots, as at least one is kept reserved for the Bachchans, since Big B is the brand ambassador of IIFA.

When Kareena was told that her wish won’t come true, she withdrew her performance in a huff, just days before the ceremony.

Reports say that now she will accompany beau Saif Ali Khan to England to watch the Twenty20 tournament instead.

This means that along with SRK, who had declared long ago that he will not be attending the IIFA, now Kareena and Saif will be missing too.

To add to the number of drop-outs even Priyanka Chopra has taken back her performance. She was to perform with Shahid Kapur, whom she is rumoured to have broken up with recently. Apart from these actors, even Akshay Kumar has decided to give IIFA a miss this year.

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