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Australia one of safest countries in world for students: Rudd

Canberra (Australia), June 10 (ANI): Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has described his country as one of the safest places for students and warned that vigilante action in response to attacks against foreign students, will not be tolerated.

“It’s unacceptable for anyone to commit an act of violence against any student of any ethnicity anywhere in Australia,” Rudd told Fairfax Radio.

“Everyone needs just to draw some breath on this and we need to see a greater atmosphere of general calm,” The Australian quoted him as saying further.

Rudd said students should report any acts of violence against them to police and if their complaints were not followed through, they should go to their local members of parliament.

When asked whether the student protests signalled future racial tension in Australia, Rudd said the nation had an inherent culture of tolerance.

“With each new wave of immigrants to this country there’s been debates and concerns and they’ve all faded and they’ve have all been resolved,” he said.

Meanwhile, Victoria Police have responded to calls from Indian students who fear for their safety by launching a major crackdown on crime at train stations in Melbourne.  (ANI)

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