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Another Sydney man charged as Indian protests continue

Sydney, June 11 (ANI): Sydney Police have charged another man for carrying a weapon and participating in a third successive night of protests by Indian students in the Harris Park area of Sydney, even as Indian community leaders called for an end to the protests.

The man was charged for carrying a piece of timber found in his car during a search, the Sydney Morning Herald quoted a police spokeswoman, as saying.

Earlier, about 50 students had gathered in the western Sydney suburb – home to a large Indian community – to rally against what they claimed were racially motivated attacks by groups of Middle Eastern men.

The protest was mostly peaceful and the crowd broke up about 9.30 p.m.

Last night’s protest followed a meeting of police, community leaders and local politicians to discuss the protests and Indian students’ concerns about street violence.

“One thing is clear – the rallies have served their purpose and we don’t want any more rallies in Harris Park, that is the community’s view,” the paper quoted Dr. Yadu Singh, coordinator of the Indian Consul General’s community committee on Indian students’ issues, as saying.

Dr Singh said students present at the meeting had agreed to pass on the request to the other protesters.

Amit Pannu, a student, was quoted, as saying that the Indian student community was really angry, but added that there was a need to calm down and deal with the issue with dignity.

Superintendent Robert Redfern expressed sympathy for the students’ concerns, but urged them not to take matters into their own hands. (ANI)

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