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Amitabh Bachchan’s new look in Balki’s Pa

Bollywood Movie - Pa

Bollywood Movie - Pa

Bald Big B
Yes, this is Amitabh Bachchan. You’d be excused for doing a double take, but chinta not – he hasn’t actually shaved off his hair. This is the much-protected, top secret look that he’s sporting in the the Balki-directed movie, Pa. The film is being shot in Delhi, and Big B’s son Abhishek is also part of the cast and in the city. The father-son duo has been shooting for Pa amid tight security – and secrecy.

Under the wrap, literally
While Abhishek has been seen at the shooting location daily, Amitabh has been coming and going like an ‘undercover’ agent – literally, for they kept him under the cover of a towel. The unit has been extremely careful about keeping this look under wraps, changing Amitabh’s routes to and from shooting. According to sources, the make-up artiste is a firang lady, and she takes about four to five hours to achieve this look.

The secret shoot
Big B has already hinted in his blog that his look will be a surprise. The mega star had earlier said that he spends five hours a day in make-up for his role in the film but there is not much known about his character or storyline of the film. The project is being kept a secret, with no-one from outside the unit being allowed on set, and those who are working on the production are not permitted to speak about the film to the media.

See-saw game
Amitabh was to come to Dwarka Sector 9 Metro station to shoot, but was dropped mid-way at Tagore Garden Metro Station. The shots were taken on the train, in the stations, and AB returned without being seen (but we got the glimpse!). Even elsewhere, Amitabh would only appear with his head covered. A source from the unit says that his make-up started at 2 am and went on till the early hours of the morning.

Pa’s not-so-secret role
Director R Balakrishnan is keeping everything about the movie shrouded. Inspite of his efforts some little details have leaked out. It appears that the Big B plays the role of an alienated and slightly retarded son of Abhishek. His character in the film suffers from a condition in which he ages at a faster pace and thus looks much older than his actual age and even older than his father. Whatever be the story, the curiosity value of Abhishek playing his dad’s dad will draw crowds for the first show.

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