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Al-Qaeda’s leadership based in ‘terror safe haven’ Pakistan: Clinton

Washington, July 16 (ANI): US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has once again highlighted that Pakistan is a terror safe haven and said that Al-Qaeda’s leadership is based in that country.

Clinton’s comments came a day before her significant visit to India, where she will be meeting the country’s leadership. The impending threat of terrorism and several other important issues are expected to come up for discussions during her visit.

Addressing a think tank at the Council of Foreign Relations Wednesday, Clinton said that the US is ready to negotiate with the Taliban if it severs its ties with Al-Qaeda, lays down arms and participates in building a democratic Afghanistan.

She said success in Afghanistan required co-operation from Pakistan as well.

The News quoted Clinton, as saying that both Al-Qaeda and the Taliban pose an equal threat to the region, and therefore it is important to crush both.

“We and our allies fight in Afghanistan because the Taliban protects Al-Qaeda and depends on it for support. To eliminate Al-Qaeda, we must also fight the Taliban,” she said. (ANI)

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