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84 percent Pakistanis consider US troops as bigger threat to country than Taliban, Al-Qaeda

Karachi, May 2 (ANI): A majority of Pakistani civilians are of the view that the presence of allied forces led by the United States poses a bigger threat to them rather than the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

According to an annual assessment report of Pakistan issued by an US think tank, Centre for American Progress, more Pakistanis consider US presence in Asia as a  threat to their country.

The reports states: “According to a USIP poll from February 2008, more Pakistanis (about 84 per cent) see the US presence in Asia as a threat to Pakistan than they perceive Al-Qaeda (about 62 per cent) or the Taliban (50 per cent) to be.”

Furthermore, the report adds that more than fifty percent of people believe that the major aim of the US forces was to weaken the Muslim world.

“Some 58 per cent believe that the purpose of the US ‘war on terror’ is to weaken the Muslim world and another 15 per cent believe it is to be specifically intended to ensure American domination over Pakistan,” The Nation quoted the report, as stating.

Pakistanis may consider the US troops as a threat to their sovereignty, but, the report adds, “Interestingly, in October 2008, Pakistan’s parliament voted unanimously for a resolution that emphasised the threat of militant groups.”

Parliament had also called for negotiations with these extremists groups rather than initiating military operations, it said. (ANI)

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