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66-year-old set to become UK’s oldest mum

London, May 16 (ANI): A 66-year-old woman is set to become Britain’s oldest mother.

According to the reports, Elizabeth Adeney is eight months pregnant after with what is thought to be her first child conceived through IVF treatment abroad.

A friend of Adeney, told the Daily Mail that, Adeney was desperate to conceive for years.

Most British clinics refuse to treat women over 50 and most NHS primary care trusts do not consider anyone over 40.

Therefore, Adeney, who’s a divorcee and runs her own textile company, went to Ukraine for the treatment.

“She was desperate for a child. She was over the moon when she learned last year that she was pregnant and has been quite open about it. It’s not the sort of thing she can hide,” the Guardian quoted the friend as saying.

“Elizabeth has had a pretty good pregnancy. She has been very well, considering her age. I’m amazed how she keeps going.

“She does get up a little later in the mornings than she used to and sometimes spends an hour or two at home before going to work but she is still at her ­business Monday to Friday,” the friend added.

However, Adeney refused to discuss her condition.

“I am a private person and while I appreciate there may be some publicity I will just ignore it,” she said.

 “This has been a very personal decision and I do not feel I have to give interviews or talk to anyone in the media about what I have decided to do and where I have done it,” she added. (ANI)

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