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500 Brit skinheads on rampage against Muslims

London, May 26 (ANI): Hundreds of rioters rampaged through a town centre last night after a march against Muslim extremists, the Daily Express reports.

A peaceful demo erupted as drunken skinheads stormed through the streets. A mob of around 500 largely young men bolted down side streets away from police. Witnesses said had been drinking and chanting slogans.

Several people were injured as marchers, Asians and National Front “infiltrators” battled. There were reports that an Asian-owned shop was ransacked.

The two demonstrations had come together in the Bedfordshire town, both opposing the Muslim fanatics who had jeered Brit squaddies returning from Iraq.

Last night MFE spokesman Dave Smeeton said he was “disappointed” the trouble had flared.

Several people were arrested. (ANI)

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