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40 Pakistanis to walk on fire to prove their innocence

Quetta (Pakistan), June 6 (ANI): Tribal chiefs in Pakistan’s Dera Bugti district have told 40 people that they will have to walk on burning coal to prove their innocence.

According to the Daily Times, the newly-elected chief of the Bugti tribe, Mir Aali Bugti has decided to give a ‘trial by fire’ to 40 people allegedly involved in various criminal cases.

The exercise has not been held for the last two years due to the absence of a tribal chief.

Last month, the Bugtis elected Aali as their new chief in a grand jirga to replace his slain grandfather Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti.

Mir Aali has announced that he will continue the old tribal custom to provide justice to his fellow tribesmen.

On Thursday, two Bugti tribesmen – Wadera Ali Muhammad and Wadera Badal Khan – walked on burning coal in a grand ceremony in the Sui police station area.

They had been charged with subversive activities in Dera Bugti district.

According to Cherbali, if an accused walks on the fire and is unhurt, he is declared innocent. If his feet show burn marks, however, he would undergo further punishment. (ANI)

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