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Mussoorie – The Queen Of Hills



Located in the Garwhal hills, this beautiful hill-station is one of the most popular of its kind in India. It is a “cool” favourite especially among people living in Delhi and Noida, as it is close enough to them for a weekend getaway. It is also a popular choice for people planning pilgrimages in the north. At an altitude of 2003km from the sea level, Mussoorie provides the much sought-after relief to those frustrated with the sultry heat of the cities. Close by, just 34km away is Dehradun, another famous hill-station. People planning a summer holiday must thus definitely consider Mussoorie, as they will be able to visit several other places as well, thus making their holiday both economical as well as enjoyable.

Interestingly, Mussoorie is named after a plant called “Mussoorie” which is found in abundance here. Famous pilgrimage spots like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Rishikesh, Gangotri etc are also very near to Mussoorie. Thus one can cool off the summer heat with his family at Mussoorie, and pay his respects to the almighty as well. One of the most famous sights at Mussoorie is the Gun Hill. It is called so, because long ago, a gun was fired at the top of his hill everyday at noon. This hill provides a bird-eye view of the fantastic, cloud-shrouded Himalayan ranges as well as the entire town of Mussoorie and the Doon Valley. The hill is famous for its ropeway ride, which enthrals the rider with its majestic and almost overwhelming beauty.

There are also beautiful waterfalls like the Bhatta Falls, Kempty Falls and the Jharipani Falls, where one can enjoy a cold dip, while at the same time marvel at the feast the nature provides to his eyes. The seemingly simple combination of some old rocks, sunlight and water could have such an enthralling effect is a miracle that has to be seen in order to be believed. These falls are completely safe, easily accessible on foot or by cab. They are ideal picnic spots, as well as a photographer’s treat.

Mussoorie is home to the prestigious Lal Bahadur Shastri Training Academy for IAS and IPS officers. It has been churning out, year after year, the country’s finest bureaucrats, police officers and Foreign Service officers. Its library had once, one of the best collections of books and journals in the world. Due to a fire some years ago, most of the books were destroyed. They were irreplaceable, but the library, through the process of rebuilding, is on its way to regain its lost glory.

There are plenty of other picnic spots, lakes, ponds and resorts at Mussoorie where one can visit on their holiday. For those who love adventure, there are also trekking and rock climbing programmes available. Here, it would be prudent to mention the Surkhanda Devi temple, which according to old legend, is the spot where Lord Shiva’s chopped head fell, when he was making the universe tremble with his furious Tandav dance. This temple demands a difficult 2km climb from its devotees, and is one of the best spots at Mussoorie.

One can thus plan your vacation accordingly, and make sure you pack in plenty of light woollens. Fights or trains to Dehradun are available from most cities in India, and one can go to Mussoorie from there by cab or by bus. There is no scarcity in the availability of hotels either. So, if your holiday plans include a trip to the North, make sure that you include Mussoorie in your travel plans – because North India holiday tour is incomplete without a visit to this little glimpse of paradise.

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