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Yahoo India shuts down social networking service SpotM

Yahoo is shutting down SpotM, the social networking service it began testing in India a year ago. Among its features: Users could keep certain friends secret from others and also correspond via text message without revealing their phone numbers.

On the SpotM website, Yahoo says it was “experimenting” with SpotM and says the site will no longer be accessible as of Tuesday.

It’s at least the third social network that Yahoo will have shut down, although the company has nevertheless said it is looking to make a buy in the social networking space. It shut down Yahoo 360 in July—and closed down Yahoo Mash last summer.  Yahoo has been steadily cutting non-core products under CEO Carol Bartz.

However, according to media reports, Yahoo India has not completely shelved its idea of having an India-specific social network. SpotM is likely to be succeeded by `Guru’.

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