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Virtual twins to change the way how medical trials are conducted

London, June 10 (ANI): Taking a big leap in medical trials, scientists have now created virtual twins-different personalised simulations of living body parts of a person-so that medications or surgery are tested before the patient undergoes the real treatment.

Researchers around the world are creating virtual body parts, so that bespoke therapies can be tested and optimised without risk to the patient.

A team at Universite Libre de Bruxelles developed a virtual model that copies a person’s gait, and is all set to go under trial in clinics as a way of analysing the effects of conditions such as cerebral palsy.

Other than that, computer scientists at University College London have created bespoke simulations of blood flowing through a brain aneurism.

Even researchers at the University of Oxford have modelled changing blood flow through the heart as it contracts.

Such models could be used to test how drugs affect, for example, how blood flows through the affected area, reports New Scientist magazine.

Models of individual body parts could eventually be integrated to simulate a patient’s entire body. (ANI)

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