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Social Networking Sites: Connecting Bonds

Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites

What’s common between your best school friend, your cousin and your college roommate or may be some of your relatives – it’s your very own social networking sites which help us to stay connected with our loved ones and cherish our bonds with them. In modern times when we don’t have time to write long mails, call up or text our friends, relatives or former colleagues social networking sites provide a vital platform to reach them with just a click and it even overshadows geographical boundaries.

As social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut and others have become part of our daily routine and our day isn’t complete without logging in once on these websites, it is a very simple and easy way to stay connected to all our pals, colleagues and relatives without worrying about differences of location, time or  accessibility. These websites not only provide you a platform just to stay connected and knowing about people’s whereabouts but actually provide you a medium to  share your lives with people on a daily basis through status updates, pictures, live chats, events you are going to attend, causes you are supporting, can play games with them etc.

A social networking site not only helps us to reconnect with your old buddies but provides you with an opportunity to make new virtual friends who are passionate about similar things or feel alike for a cause or instance or want to bring a change or are fans of a particular star from sports or bollywood or people belonging to same industry or profession etc. We can certainly make life-long and fruitful relationships with the people we meet on these websites and sometimes may be able to form groups committed to a particular cause or bringing about a change or may be fan clubs or forum to discuss issues or policies etc.  As the popularity of these sites nowadays is on a high, business networking and advertising for products is also rising through them. Even people on these websites are providing valuable feedback to various business organizations which can be important for improving services and making them more proactive to provide better products in future. Plus portals like twitter help us follow are favorite sportsperson, actor, model, news anchor or any other public figure and keep a track of their lives, views or reviews and interact with them on a one-to-one basis.

Whether it is Sachin Tendulkars’ crusade for cancer on twitter or spreading awareness against breast cancer in women on facebook, social networking sites has always come handy in supporting causes and spreading the word. They provide a huge platform to raise voice against issues and calling for public attention. Online petitions are is just another added feature to force authorities to take action. From performances to public walks to candle light protests and to college festivals everything is being advertised widely on these social networking sites to gain widespread participation of people from all walks of life and to raise awareness levels among masses. An environmental concern to social issues to specific court cases everything that is important in our contemporary world is a part of our life on these websites. With the world shrinking and people getting busier and busier with their careers and lives social networking sites help us to connect, reconnect, support, raise voice,  advertise and even change things virtually sitting anywhere on the globe. So you like them or not they are here to stay for long providing vital links. So happy networking.

About Surbhi Tandon

I am a second year Journalism student from Delhi University. I am passionate about current affairs and love to read newspapers and magazines to keep myself updated with the world affairs. My latest interest is in the field of developmental and rural reporting. I only write about issues which are close to my heart and genuinely feel about them. I am a sports – enthusiast and a cricket crazy person plus I am volunteering for CWG 2010. As a person I am extremely positive and believe in “Never doubt that that a handful of committed and thoughtful citizens can change the world”.

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