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Now, a ‘smart house’ that texts you if you’ve left the front door open

London, July 14 (ANI): Think about a “smart house” that automatically turns the lights and cooling systems off and on as per our needs, and even texts us if we have left the front door open.

Well, this could soon be a reality, thanks to University of Hertfordshire researchers’ latest innovation- InterHome.

The researchers have designed a doll’s house on similar lines to test and demonstrate how much greener and secure our homes could be if they incorporated intelligent technologies that adapt to our daily routine.

The house is fitted with a network of infrared sensors connected to a central computer.

Johann Siau, the project’s coordinator, says that the software algorithms work out which rooms we tend to occupy at different times, and, accordingly, learn when we need the lights, heating or air conditioning systems turned on and when we don’t.

His tests have indicated that such technology could cut carbon emissions, and slash energy bills by an estimated 300 pounds per year, on average.

In fact, InterHome could also boost home security-by connecting door and window lock sensors to the computer, it can send a text message to the homeowner if they have forgotten to lock the front door, for instance.

Texting back will lock any doors or windows in question.

The “smart house” was unveiled in Cairo last week at the finals of the Microsoft Imagine Cup – a competition for technologies designed to solve global problems. (ANI)

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