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New evidence proves ‘Montauk monster’ was a hoax

Washington, June 5 (ANI): A man has claimed that the ‘Montauk monster’ found on a beach in New York was a hoax, and was the work of him and his friends.

The ‘Montauk Monster’ was an unidentified hairless creature that allegedly washed ashore dead on a beach near the Montauk, New York business district in July 2008.

The identity of the creature, and the veracity of stories surrounding it, has been the subject of unresolved controversy and speculation.

Some speculated it was an escaped mutant from a government lab. Others thought it was an alien. A few suggested it might be a dog or raccoon.

Now, according to a report in Fox News, one man has come forward, or at least his friend has, to claim it was all the work of he and his buddies.

“I was one of those guys behind that Montauk monster thing last summer,” the unnamed individual told blogger Drew Grant over lunch.

He then related a tale of finding a dead raccoon in the sand on nearby Shelter Island in late June 2008.

Being young men on vacation, they put the animal on an inflatable child’s swim duck, along with a lot of other debris. Then they set it on fire and pushed it out to sea.

“This creature was honored with a Viking funeral, not merely exploited for crass entertainment,” the anonymous raccoon undertaker insisted.
About two weeks later, the Montauk Monster was found around the other side of Long Island’s South Fork. (ANI)

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