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Nano-raspberries may fight foggy windows, eyeglasses

Washington, May 25 (ANI): Fogged-up car windshield is a safety hazard and a nuisance that affect millions of people. Existing technology, including sprays that must be reapplied to stay effective, has many drawbacks. Now, scientists in China have come up with a new way to make raspberry-shaped nanoparticles, which can give glass a permanent antifogging coating.

Scientists have been working on anti-fog technology for years.

Junhui He and colleagues knew that raspberry-shaped nanoparticles could be the ideal solution by disrupting the process in which water droplets fog glass.

However, there has been no commercially feasible way to make these particles until now.

The scientists described an efficient one-step method for making nano-raspberries.

In laboratory studies, the researchers coated glass slides with the particles, cooled the slide, and then exposed it to steam.

The researchers found that unlike ordinary glass, it remained crystal clear, opening the door to possible commercial applications.

Their study is scheduled for the June 11 edition of ACS’ The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, a weekly publication. (ANI)

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