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Marine archaeologists find ancient boat remains off the west coast of Scotland

Edinburgh, April 29 (ANI): Marine archaeologists have said that the discovery of ancient boat remains off the west coast of Scotland may point to the site of a boatbuilder’s yard dating back many centuries.

“There have been some reported finds of materials associated with terrestrial settlement. It might be a boatbuilding site from the early period,” Philip Robertson, a marine archaeology expert at Historic Scotland, told The Scotsman.

The site may belong to the time when the Lords of the Isles used sea travel to rule a huge part of Scotland’s western seaboard.

Robertson did not disclose the exact site, but said, “It’s on the west coast of Scotland and the survey is associated with medieval boatbuilding and boat use, in particular areas associated with the Lords of the Isles.”

“It’s a fairly shallow area, so it will be a snorkelling project. We think we are looking at the 10th, 11th, 12th century. Some local people found some boat remains, and there may be other bits of boat and other things,” he said. (ANI)

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