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Launch of NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour postponed until July 13

Washington, July 13 (ANI): NASA has decided to postpone the scheduled July 12th launch of space shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station (ISS) until July 13th due to thunderstorms near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Sensors indicted there were 11 lightning strikes within 0.35 miles, which is inside the launch pad’s threshold.

Teams have seen nothing so far that indicates anything has been affected.

“Looks like the team is ready, but the weather is not. At this time we are no-go,” NASA’s launch director said.

The next launch attempt will be at 6:51 p.m. EDT (2251 GMT) on July 13th, according to NASA.

Endeavour should have blasted off to the International Space Station in mid-June, but the launch was postponed by potentially dangerous leaks of hydrogen gas.

The 16-day STS-127 mission will feature five spacewalks and complete construction of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Kibo laboratory.

Astronauts will attach a platform to the outside of the Japanese module that will allow experiments to be exposed to space. (ANI)

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