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IT major Infosys to reduce sub-contractors

IT major Infosys plans to reduce the usage of sub-contractors and perform their work in-house particularly at cheaper offshore locations, a top company official said.

“We found during our reviews that a large number of client work had been outsourced to sub-contractors. In such cases, we decided to reduce the usage of sub-contractors and use our (own) facility,” Infosys’ chief mentor, NR Narayana Murthy, said on the sidelines of an industry conference in Mumbai.

The company has also taken a new concept “more from the same”, which will scrutinise budgets and look after areas where previously unnoticed expenses could be eliminated, he said.

Infosys believes that this new concept will benefit the company, its shareholders and its employees. During the second quarter of FY 10, the company saw a 2.9 per cent increase in revenues from the first quarter.

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