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Fujifilm brings 3D digicam to India

India has got its first 3D camera. Fujifilm India, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan’s Fujifilm Corporation, Japan, has announced the launch of “FinePix REAL 3D System”.

Fuji said that this is the world’s first 3D (three dimensional) digital imaging system that lets users enjoy 3D images with naked eye without the need for wearing special 3D glasses. The 3D system consists of FinePix REAL 3D W1, the 3D camera; FinePix REAL 3D V1, an 8 inch viewer on which spectacular 3D images can be displayed; and 3D Print, Fujifilm’s high precision production technology that enables users to print 3D images.

To achieve a 3D image, it is necessary to flawlessly layer together two images. So two Fujinon lenses are installed in the camera. A 3x optical zoom, deemed difficult to achieve in 3D photography because of the precision required to align two lenses, has also been achieved, said a press release.

The engine of the camera synchronizes data passed to it by the two lenses and two CCD sensors, to determine shooting conditions such as focus, brightness and tonality to instantaneously blend this information into a single symmetrical image.

In the ‘Individual Shutter 3D Shooting’ mode, the camera takes two shots, one after the other, and saves a single 3D image in the camera manually. In the ‘Interval 3D Shooting’ mode, it is possible to take two shots from different viewpoints continuously while the photographer is moving, for example by train, airplane, or car, etc., to achieve 3D images of long-distance views.

By using the ‘Parallax Control (3D Tuning Function)’, the 3D images can be manually adjusted for a clear and sharper 3D view.

Adjustable in both live images on LCD panel while shooting and recorded images, this simplicity-of-use lets users really get creative.

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