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Floppies Days Are Numbered

Floppy Disk

Floppy Disk

While rummaging through my old belongings in the process of cleaning out the piled stock I stumbled upon a box of 5 and a half inch floppy disks. I felt nostalgic, as the floppy disk is now virtually a discounted commodity, what to talk of 5 and half floppy drives, even the small floppy drives are now no longer finding a place in the new computers that are being manufactured these days. With the storage space is becoming humongous, up to 8 GB of data being stored in a pen drive, who is bothered about these floppy drives.

But the floppy drives area an important part of our information technology history, as we have graduated through them. Now we may not be able to live without our pen drives, but the floppies in not a too distant past were an integral part of the work space in office. The large sized floppies that went out of vogue once windows based operating systems started upgrading would be difficult to find even in archives to be shown to the youth of the present times, as a veritable tool on the path to evolution of storage space in information technology.

These floppy drives were marvel of a creation as they were size zero and believed in being lean and thin so they would not store more than few KBs of data, but it was also symptomatic of an era where so much reliance on data was not made. Besides, the generation of data in such large numbers was n not a requiem and therefore these sleek facilitating devices were indeed an eye catcher. Alas, now they are a part of history.

One often wonders whether the kind of data that is being generated and needs to be stored on pen drives has a practical application as well. Are we not hiding behind the walls of data to hide our unpreparedness for a subject? The whole idea seems to be to bamboozle with data so that the audience is awed and does not ask uncomfortable questions.

Japan is presently the only place where these big floppy drives are still in vogue, as they had been manufactured, but were not destroyed. Once their stocks are gone, may be these floppy drives would find a space on various auction sites as collectables. So if you have a bigger floppy hold on to it, or find it from your elders, as it could turn out to be a gold mine in near future.

By: Suman Rai

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