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Facebook Overtakes Google



Facebook has emerged as the website that has the largest user base for any website, a feat that was the preserve of Google, and now Facebook has warmed up to this position. It also is an indicator about the fact that the social relations are not being conducted in the manner in which they ought to be conducted and therefore people are turning towards Facebook to make new friends or find old friends. Indeed, such a monumental moment of disruption has Facebook become in the online history of the world that a cinema is going to hit the screens all across the world entitled “ The Social network:, that would trace the history of emergence of Facebook and how it has changed the dynamics of social relations all across the world.

Facebook came into being in 2005, a time when Google had already usurped Microsoft to emerge as the numero Uno website all across the world. Life without Google was unimaginable, but Facebook has made the argument stand on its head. Now life without Facebook is unfathomable, one has to update the status, comment on the status of the friend, post pictures and songs etc. Incidentally every month more than 2.5 billion photographs are loaded on to the Facebook. Google earlier did not have these facilities, but when Facebook started gaining ground, it tried to counter the spread of Facebook by coming up with its own social networking site Orkut. Orkut however was a pale shadow of Facebook as fan following of Facebook continues to surge on an hourly basis.

The spread of Facebook is on account of the ‘network effect’, one network that is established creates a chain of followers and suddenly the chain has its tentacles spread all across the world. No wonder, even politicians, advertisement gurus and even those associated with cinema have found that they can ignore Facebook at their own peril. Any new initiative that is not there on the Facebook is not worth following about. So even a journal of the repute of Granta, or a magazine (which calls itself as a newspaper though it is published in the form of a magazine), The Economist has also joined on to the bandwagon of Facebook.

For any major event if one has a fan following of say 30000 fans then the product or the service is a hit and that too without any input costs, so no sane person would like not to include Facebook as one of the repertoires in its arms. Facebook’s catch line is “it is free, and would always be”. It would therefore be interesting to catch up with its performance next year.

By: Suman Rai

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