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Death By Choice



The science has progressed so much that we can now practically duplicate human beings- “clone them” as we call it. The entire human blueprint is available in the form of DNA which can be tweaked with and wonderful permutations and combinations can be made. But what it has still been intrigued by is a wonderful gift we all have been blessed with…Life! experiments have been conducted in order to solve this beautiful mystery, how life arises from inanimate matter through natural processes, and the method by which life on Earth arose (‘abiogenesis’ as it is popularly known), but no one has been able to fully comprehend this  miracle. It is mesmerizing to see a child being born- creation of a smaller but equally amazing human being. When life is so beautiful, why would someone want to take their lives away willingly?

I watched the movie Guzaarish recently and had a serious debate in my mind whether the death wish of a person should be honoured or not? Many people argue that since living is a choice, dying should also be a choice by default. The life of that particular person belongs to no one but himself and it is his wish whether he chooses to live or die. Really, you think so? If yes, think again. Is your life just yours? Your parents, friends have an unquestionable stake in your life.  They have been the ones who made you whatever you became, an integral part of your memories, the building blocks of your success, a safety net of your failures, a vent to release your anger and frustration. And in one moment of self-pity and weakness, you forgot the years of love and care? No, that is not an option. Forget your immediate family and friends, even the people who have touched your life at some point of time, for instance your teachers, have invested in you- a human being they believed in. You may lose faith in yourself, but how can you let their faith down?

People go on arguing saying it’s alright to take your life, if the pain and suffering gets to a point where it’s intolerable. But then how do you define the point at which ‘a suicide with permission’ is justifiable? Is one person’s misery any less compared to the others? If not, should all of them opt for the easy way out of suicide? Obviously, the concept of mercy killing or Euthanasia as it is popularly known; is quite different from a suicide. It is the wish of an individual to die with dignity when he/she has no hope of getting back to normal and is experiencing insufferable pain. The biggest pain they suffer is the feeling of being a burden to their near and dear ones. Putting their pain to rest is justifiable and perhaps the last resort.

I have seen people losing the battle of their lives to terminal illness like cancer and I have known their desperation to fight for whatever chance they have at living. They are the people whose dreams and plans have been put to a sudden, rude pause with the death clock ticking faster by every passing second. I realise through their pained eyes, the importance of life and hence I find people giving suicide-threats or suggestions absolutely horrid and disgusting. Never undermine something so precious and beautiful as even though you might feel you have absolutely no reason to live, your life itself might be the reason for so many others to live.

About Anupriya Singh

I am a second year student of Management from Mumbai. I believe writing, like any other form of art, is a way of expressing oneself and reaching out to others; I aspire to do the same. I like meeting new people, observing them and knowing about their hopes and aspirations. I love pencil-sketching. Listening to music is my idea of an antidote to stress. I believe what life teaches us, is invaluable and every little occurring shapes us to who we are.

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