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Battery made from non-toxic materials may revolutionize electric vehicles

Washington, May 6 (ANI): A new battery made from non-toxic materials abundant in the Earth’s crust could revolutionize the electric vehicles segment.

The battery, powered by LifePO4 – a material used in advanced lithium-ion batteries, was developed by Universite de Montreal researchers.

“It’s a revolutionary battery because it is made from non-toxic materials abundant in the Earth’s crust. Plus, it’s not expensive,” said Michel Gauthier, an invited professor at the Universite de Montreal Department of Chemistry and co-founder of Phostech Lithium, the company that makes the battery material.

“This battery could eventually make the electric car very profitable,” he added.

The theory will soon be tested, since the 100 percent electric Microcar that’s set to debut in Europe this year will be and powered by the LifePO4 battery.

Phostech Lithium’s production plant in St. Bruno, Quebec, produces the black LifePO4 powder, which is shipped across the world in tightly sealed barrels.

Sud-Chemie, a leading specialty chemistry company based in Germany, first invested in Phostech Lithium in 2005.

Now, just four years later, Sud-Chemie’s total Canadian investments have reached 13 million dollars and it stands as the 100 percent owner of Phostech Lithium.

Phostech’s St. Bruno plant began to produce LiFePO4 in 2006 with 20 employees and a 400 metric-ton capacity.

Since then, Phostech has nearly doubled its staff.

“It is a battery that is much more stable and much safer,” said Dean MacNeil, a professor at the Universite de Montreal’s Department of Chemistry and new NSERC-Phostech Lithium Industrial Research Chair in Energy Storage and Conversion.

“In addition, it recharges much faster than previous batteries,” he added. (ANI)

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